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visionTunnelvision by R. Patrick Gates


I’m up to book ten in the Abyss books, which means I’m about a quarter of the way through the entire line, and I was surprised to find that Tunnelvision is a pretty solid story. Maybe I had lowered my expectations after reading the Dee and Reed books, but Gates does a good job of telling a serial killer/police procedural story. The title comes from the gimmick he uses to define the killer, which is how he sees the world from the perspective of someone watching television. He’s created his own network of shows based on his own twisted upbringing and his current endeavors.

The story is a little tell-y, so the characters don’t spring from the page, but he does well enough with his pacing and plot to keep the story moving along. Tunnelvision isn’t the kind of book to wind up on any underrated or hidden gem lists, but it holds together well enough to keep the reader interested. I just can’t see anyone thinking much of the book after finishing it.

I feel like I’m damning the book with faint praise, but while Gates’ prose skills are solid, the story isn’t that memorable. I’ve read the book before, over twenty years ago, but I didn’t remember any of the details from the book. Given some of the other dreck that exists in the Abyss line, it stands above those books, but it doesn’t reach the heights that Koja or Tem brought to the line.

Fortunate Musical Connection: “Innervision” by System of a Down

Started: May 15, 2018
Finished: May 27, 2018

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