Shadows of the Empire

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shadowsShadows of the Empire by Steve Perry


I have a vague memory of when this book came out, thanks in part to being a LucasArts fanboy for many years. I remember it was a major multimedia release, with the game, the book, the comic book, and probably some other materials all tying together to tell the whole story. I remember playing the game, but I never delved into the other material.

Shadows of the Empire was among the first of the Expanded Universe releases after Timothy Zahn rekindled interest in it with the Thrawn trilogy, and it shows. It’s a solid read, with enough throwbacks to the original trilogy, along with new characters to breathe new life into the EU. This was the first novel that addressed what happened between Empire and Jedi, and it introduced Prince Xizor, a character who is still prominent in the new canon.

In the story, Xizor is making a play to replace Darth Vader to become the Emperor’s right hand through a plot to kill Luke Skywalker. At the same time, Leia is trying to track down Boba Fett and rescue Han from Jabba, and Dash Rendar signs on to help them. Dash is a stand-in for Han, which is unfortunate since he comes across as a carbon(ite) copy of Han in some parts of the story. I’m not sure how much that decision came from Perry, and how much of it came from Lucasfilm.

This is one of the stronger titles in the EU, and is definitely among the must-read books in the universe. I might have to see if I can find the game to see if I can get any more details about the larger story.

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