My Soul to Take

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takeMy Soul to Take by Tananarive Due


It’s been a long haul to get through this series. I’ve liked it, but when each book is 400+ pages, with tiny type, and limited time to read, it makes for a long reading project. I started the first book at the end of January, and finished the last one days away from May. It also didn’t help that I had to include Joplin’s Ghost, which was another hefty book.

Speaking of Joplin’s Ghost, the reason I read it was because the main character of that book, Phoenix, is a central character in My Soul to Take, but I couldn’t really see why. Her character plays a role in Fana’s story, but I couldn’t see why it had to be Phoenix, as opposed to another character, even one that had already been introduced. My guess is Due included her so readers would feel compelled to read her other book, like I did. As good as it was, I appreciate it, but it also aggravates me.

By now, so much has happened to change the core immortals from My Soul to Keep that it seems like they’re all playing fast and loose with that immortality. It seems like everyone’s getting immortal now, which makes the whole premise less special. Granted, the story has shifted away from the immortals to Fana and Michel, who are now basically gods, and how they view the rest of the world. The way the book ends means that Due could return to this series again, but I hope she doesn’t. I think the more time she spends with the story, the more convoluted parts of the story become.

I know it sounds like I didn’t like the book or the series, but I did. Due is a talented writer, and I like how she develops her characters, but three months with one series is a long time, and it might have bred some contempt on my part. I would recommend it to readers of modern fantasy and horror, but maybe they should parse the series out over time to avoid burning out on it.

Started: April 14, 2018
Finished: April 28, 2018

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