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townCompany Town by Madeline Ashby


Hwa is a professional bodyguard on a city-sized oil rig which has been defunct for a few years. She is also the only person on the rig who hasn’t undergone any cybernetic implants. Left to guard the prostitutes who ply a legal trade with the riggers, she leads a meager life until she’s asked to serve as a bodyguard to the youngest child and heir to the Lynch empire, which owns the rig. The job comes with more money, prestige, and responsibility, but when her old friends begin to die around her, she finds something more sinister going on in the company town.

Company Town had a bit of a slow start for me, but what began as a book I figured I would be trudging through for a few weeks turned out to be a three-day read for me as I found every possible moment to read the book. The characterization is strong, and the world-building happens at the speed of the story, so nothing feels obtrusive. The first chapter is a little dense with detail, which accounts for my slow start, but after that? It was hard to quit.

The plot feels a little clunky by the end of the book, but the characterization and emotion of the story more than make up for it. Ashby telegraphs the romantic subplot a little too much, but the characters are so likable that I didn’t care. It also has a lot to say about social issues without making it the point of the story, which is nice (not that I’m opposed to stories that are about social issues, but I like the way she peppered the story with the small touches of commentary).

Company Town is a solid read. If you’ve passed over this book in the past, or put it off for other books, you should rectify that as soon as you can. I highly recommend it.

Started: April 23, 2018
Finished: April 25, 2018

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