The Two-Bear Mambo

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mamboThe Two-Bear Mambo by Joe R. Lansdale


I’ve been reading the Hap & Leonard series for over twenty years, which is long enough to be excited about the TV show based on the series. After the first two seasons ended, I went back and re-read the books on which they were based, and I did the same with the third season. While I wasn’t reluctant to return to the story, I remembered enough to know it was going to be a dark, depressing journey.

Florida Grange, lawyer to Leonard and one-time-lover of Hap, has gone missing in the town of Grovetown, a town known for being stuck in the Jim Crow days. Hap and Leonard, fresh off of burning down another crack house, get stuck with going to Grovetown to find her. Leonard, being black, makes that a daunting enough task, regardless of how little the residents of the town care to share about Florida. What they face there is grim enough to run them out of town.

The show takes more liberties with the story than it did with the previous seasons. I can’t say what those differences are without spoiling the plot, but they’re significant enough for me to prefer the book to the show. Suffice to say, if you’ve only seen the current season of the show, it’s worth your time to read the book to get another take on the story. They’re not so different as to be unrecognizable, but different characters get different development between the show and the book.

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