Galaxy of Fear: The Nightmare Machine

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nightmareGalaxy of Fear: The Nightmare Machine by John Whitman


I mentioned the guest appearances of the big-name Star Wars characters in my last review, so I should probably note that the characters didn’t not fit in their stories; they just seemed to be plugged in to entertain the fans. In The Nightmare Machine, Lando makes an appearance, and not only does his role suit his character, but Whitman also manages to capture his character well. I’ve noticed that in the other books where he makes an appearance, and it makes me wonder if Lando is just an easy character to write, or if the writers just enjoy writing his character. Either way, he feels more in place in this story than the other characters have in theirs.

The Nightmare Machine is set in an amusement park populated by lifelike holograms. Guests can experience flying, ride thrilling rides, or be menaced by rancors, all without running any physical risk at all. Strangely, their newest attraction is one that elicits fear in its riders, and the longer Zak and Tash stay at the park, the more unusual the attraction becomes.

The book is a little bit better than the last two, namely because Whitman doesn’t rely on a deus ex machina here. He also focuses more on the characters and their feelings, and even incorporates a theme into the story. Since the story is about people’s fears, we see a bit more what drives the Zak and Tash, and get more insight into where their characters may go from here.

Galaxy of Fear may not be the strongest series in the Expanded Universe, but what it does, it does pretty well. They tend to be more fun than the standard Star Wars fare, but since they’re written for a younger audience, I’m not surprised. It’s nice to see this book delve a bit more deeply into the characters, though.

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