The Walking Dead: Here’s Negan!

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neganThe Walking Dead: Here’s Negan! by Robert Kirkman,¬†et al.


Going into this volume, I expected to be a little disappointed. Villains rarely get better with a backstory, and a villain with the kind of charisma as Negan needed it even less. With¬†A Certain Doom, Kirkman and crew hinted at there being more to Negan, enough to elicit some sympathy, even though we still don’t like him. It was a nice touch to flesh out his character, and that was about all he needed.

Here’s Negan! takes that conceit and fleshes it out to the point that Negan is just a cliche. The story moves so quickly that it’s difficult to feel anything for Negan or the other characters in the story, even as terrible things happen to them. Plus, the events that Kirkman supplies to develop Negan’s backstory aren’t new or groundbreaking; in fact, we’ve seen them several times before.

Negan hasn’t changed too much since before the apocalypse, either. The crude, fast-talking, boastful person Negan is is the same person Negan has always been. Now, he just has the psychopathy to back it all up. For me, Negan has become tiresome, not because of his character, but because of his constant chattering, and it’s disappointing to learn that he’s always been like that.

If you want to know why Negan has the jacket and the bat, then this might be the story for you. If you want to keep what little mystery there is behind Negan’s character a mystery, then you might want to skip it. Even expecting to be a little disappointed, I felt let down by the story. Had it taken more time to develop the story and the characters, I might have felt differently.

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