The Two of Swords: Part Seventeen

December 13, 2017 at 7:00 pm (Reads) (, , , )

swords17The Two of Swords: Part Seventeen by K.J. Parker


Parker does some remarkable things in his fiction. Case in point: With Part Seventeen, he begins the story in media res, even though it’s smack in the middle of a larger story. He also manages to pick up the story right after Part Sixteen, in that we know what’s happened to Telamon to bring her to this situation, and we know why. It’s a testament to his characterization and plotting skills that he can drop the reader right into the middle of the action and know that his readers won’t get lost.

The story continues with the saga of Telamon and Oida, and I noticed with this chapter that Parker is no longer titling the chapters after the cards in the deck. Now, the chapters are simply “One” and “Two”. My guess is these two most recent parts will be part of the third book in the later print publication, and since the major players in the story have been introduced by now (and are now finding themselves all up in each others’ stories), there’s no need to maintain that convention. Luckily, I’ve kept a list of the chapter names and characters of each so I can try to puzzle out how this story will end.

Musen, the tall thief from chapter two (and twelve, I see from my notes), also makes an appearance, as does Saevus, the slaver who last (maybe first?) appeared in the last chapter. It feels like all the random threads Parker has used up to this point are starting to come together in a weave, and it’s an intriguing one. Finishing out this series encourages me to finally get around to reading all of Parker’s fiction, so I suppose I’ll add that to the list of reading projects I have ahead of me. At least I’ll stay busy.

Started: September 12, 2017
Finished: September 13, 2017

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