The Last of the Jedi: Against the Empire

July 24, 2017 at 6:00 pm (Reads) (, , )

againstThe Last of the Jedi: Against the Empire by Jude Watson


Against the Empire makes a shift in the focus of the series, as Trever becomes the main character for a bit. Once Lune has been enrolled in the Imperial Navy Academy, Trever infiltrates the Academy himself in the hopes to break him out. Of course, it’s not that easy (when is it ever?), and to make it even more difficult, Watson brings back one her most despicable characters — Jenna Zan Arbor.

At the same time, Ferus is struggling with the power of the Dark Side. He’s given over to hate after Vader kills Roan, and now that Palpatine has shown him the power of the Dark Side, he finds himself wanting to kill Vader. He knows what that means, but he struggles to find his balance between the rebellion, playing the Empire, and exacting revenge. It’s some good development, and makes for good storytelling.

I’ve seen a previous review noting that Ferus and Roan’s close relationship suggests they were more than friends, and while I can see where that reviewer is coming from, I find it troubling that two male friends can be that close without having readers think they’re gay. I don’t have a problem with a gay relationship in Star Wars (I feel the need to point that out, since several readers were offended by it in the Aftermath trilogy), but I also feel like it shouldn’t be assumed unless explicitly stated.

I’m still enjoying this series a lot more than I expected. It gets better as it goes, which reinforces my feeling that this series is really just one long novel, broken into parts. I think it works better that way, since the characters are given more space to develop, and I’m excited to see how this is going to end. It’s only been with the last five or six books where I’ve been that caught up in the story.

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