The Last of the Jedi: Secret Weapon

July 21, 2017 at 6:00 pm (Reads) (, , )

secretThe Last of the Jedi: Secret Weapon by Jude Watson


The Last of the Jedi keeps playing with issues of trust. Watson’s other series have done this, too, since most of the books feature a traitor, but here she’s showing us how that trust affects an internal group. At issue is Ferus’ allegiance: Is it with the rebellion, or the Empire? Playing a double-agent, his conspirators in the rebellion aren’t sure what to think, especially as he becomes more and more the public enforcer for Palpatine’s rule.

The good news is this theme of trust and friendship and loyalty makes for an engaging read. I’ve bumped up my rating of the series with this book, as it starts to take on heavier meaning. I’ve mentioned already that the books feel more like chapters of a larger novel, making the entire series one long story instead of having it be several novels concerning the same characters. While each book has its own conflict, the real plot of the series is that of Ferus and his friends working to build the rebellion. I’m glad I’ve been able to read these books back-to-back, as the singular nature of the entire series is more apparent that way.

The “Secret Weapon” mentioned in the title is pretty obvious to everyone reading the book — it’s the Death Star. It’s odd how Watson (and, admittedly, other writers in the Expanded Universe) dances around this and other plot points that we already know about. Why not work with that knowledge and make it more obvious? There’s no sense in being coy, especially when we get a few chapters from Vader’s perspective.

I have a renewed interest in this series. When I first started reading it, I was looking at it as more books to finish before I could get back to the adult Expanded Universe books, but Watson has surprised me. I’m finding myself reading them because I’m engaged in the characters, and why else should someone read a novel?

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