The Last of the Jedi: A Tangled Web

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webThe Last of the Jedi: A Tangled Web


In A Tangled Web, Ferus Olin has been asked to visit the Emperor. He’s not so keen on it — he knows Palpatine has killed off the Jedi, and knows that he’s still searching for Force-sensitive people — but the guarantee of safety has him intrigued. It turns out the Emperor has a job for him. Ferus turns him down, but of course the Emperor has his own ways of getting people to do what he wants.

This is a good start to a turn in the series, where Ferus becomes a double-agent to the Empire. He’s still serving the rebellion, of course, but he recognizes that he can do some good from the inside. The problem is that he knows the Emperor knows he’s a double agent, so while he’s working toward assisting the rebellion, he’s also trying to figure out Palpatine’s angle. In the meantime, Vader hovers around Ferus, too, and of course Ferus begins to think that Vader is someone he knows. There are a lot of threads that begin here, which should take us to some interesting places.

The book is a solid read, but it’s beginning to feel like all ten of the books in this series are just chapters to the larger story. They’ve all ended on cliffhangers that propel you forward, with the story within each book being less important (though crucial) to that larger story. Mind you, I’m not complaining; it gives Watson more time to develop her characters. Since the books are simplified and brief, the more room she has to grow them, the more I enjoy it.

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