Saga: Volume Seven

July 14, 2017 at 6:00 pm (Reads) (, , , )

saga7Saga: Volume Seven by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples


Saga is fantastic. It’s so good, it’s hard for me to be objective about it. I understand why people like it, and I understand why some people are put off by it, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s some of the best graphic storytelling out there.

What makes it work so well (and what makes any good story work so well) is the characters. Marko and Alana, our protagonists, embody the Romeo and Juliet characters, and once Hazel, their daughter, gets involved, they become that much more likeable. The antagonists (and there are several) are all out to kill them, for different reasons, but Vaughan gives them more traits than just being assassins. He makes them likeable in their own way, or at least sympathetic, and the interplay of all the characters across the comic make for some powerful storytelling.

Volume Seven continues with that trend, giving us more insight into the family dynamic of Marko and Alana and Hazel (and all who make up their extended family), giving us joy and happiness, sorrow and grief, and an ending that will break your heart. Vaughan continues to create worlds and beings that are original, and Staples continues drawing them in just the right way to inspire awe, fear, or wonder, depending on the context. The two work so well together that it’s impossible to imagine the series without both of them.

So, Saga. Check it out. You’ll know within just a few pages of Volume One whether it’s for you (yes, you’ll know), but if it is, then you have an astounding world ahead of you. It keeps getting better as the story progresses.

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