The Walking Dead, Volume 27: The Whisperer War

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warThe Walking Dead, Volume 27: The Whisperer War by Robert Kirkman, et al.


This is what I expect from The Walking Dead: action; zombies; fighting; drama; emotion; sacrifice. It’s part of the reason I like the comic more than the show. At the very least, the characters in the comic are consistent, and never forced into being what they need to be for the plot. Lately, the show has been so focused on Negan and his insanity that it’s lost sight of what makes the entire story interesting. Even the last collection felt underwhelming, for the same reason. Kirkman keeps the story on track, though, and reminds us that he still has it in him to write a good arc.

The title of the collection pretty much summarizes the events. Rick and his gang go up against the Whisperers and their horde. They’re a spooky bunch, with some effective tactics, and the story is creepy, not just because of the zombies, but because there’s actually something to fear with the Whisperers. Security and humanity are at risk here, much more than they were when Rick and Co. went up against Negan, Inc.

Speaking of Negan, he’s back, as we already knew from the previous collection, and maybe he’s up to something, and maybe he’s not. Either way, we see a side of him not seen before. Kirkman actually gives us a moment where we sympathize with him, after presenting him to us in such a way as to make us want to see him dead up until now. It doesn’t change a thing about his character, but it tells us more about him than we already knew.

The Whisperer War is The Walking Dead back on track. I can’t help but think how much better the show would be if they would just stick to the characters as the comic presents them. At least we still have the comic, going strong, to let us see the potential behind the show.

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