Boba Fett: Pursuit

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pursuitBoba Fett: Pursuit by Elizabeth Hand


Major spoilers ahead. Be forewarned.

What a wreck of a novel. It picks up from the events in A New Threat and keeps going, but there doesn’t seem to be any coherence as to where the story is going. We get a little bit of Boba, a bit of Anakin, a touch of Dooku and Palpatine, and some Coruscant, tied in with the two main threads that have been woven into the series — Boba’s vendetta against Mace Windu and his knowledge of Tyranus and Dooku being the same person — are just written off without complication. Plus, the main plot of the last two books, that of capturing Wat Tambor, is also dismissed. It’s anticlimactic, and problematic in other ways.

Boba talks to himself a lot, which seems like a horrible trait for a bounty hunter to have. I get why it’s there, narratively (so the reader can know what he’s thinking), but why not have him think those things instead of speaking them aloud? I mean, sure, I mutter to myself when I’m debugging my code, but to me there’s a huge difference between that and carrying on a monologue with oneself while, say, piloting a ship during a space battle.

I mentioned in the previous books how Boba making friends seemed at odds to his character, but if Hand brings them in, she should stick with it. Pursuit concludes the entire series, and we only get a mention of Gab’borah and Ygabba, with Boba riding off into deep space without a thought of returning to Jabba’s palace to speak to them. This was after the two of them repaired Jango’s body armor to give to Boba as a gift! I guess this makes him the selfish, calculating bounty hunter that he’s supposed to become later?

For five books, Boba has talked about killing Mace Windu, and the showdown finally happens here. Disregarding the fact that Boba couldn’t possibly, under any circumstances, take down Mace Windu, and that Mace wouldn’t tolerate some young upstart trying to kill him in Palpatine’s chambers, the whole thing comes to a close thanks to Palpatine’s intervention. Nobody dies (which we already know), but Boba leaves the chambers seemingly fine with not taking his revenge. So the one big motivating factor of the entire series is dismissed without thought.

For that matter, when Boba finally tells Palpatine that Tyranus and Dooku are the same person, Palpatine just says “I know”, and then reveals that he’s working against the Republic. Boba’s cool with it, Palpatine’s cool with it (after saying “I trust you to keep this to yourself”), and the universe goes on. What the crap is that about? Why didn’t Palpatine straight up execute Boba once he knew he knew his secret? Did I miss something there?

Finally: Elan Sleazebaggano? For real?

The entire Boba Fett series was mediocre, at best, but Pursuit brings it to a terrible close. If you’ve come this far with the series, you may as well finish it out, but I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone. I’m hoping some books in the adult Expanded Universe will do a better job of filling in Boba’s back story.

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