Jedi Quest: The Changing of the Guard

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guardJedi Quest: The Changing of the Guard by Jude Watson


In their search for Jenna Zan Arbor, a mad scientist featured all the way back in the Jedi Apprentice series, Obi-Wan and Anakin travel to Romin, a planet where criminals can find refuge. The two of them must go undercover, since they otherwise wouldn’t be welcome on the planet, so they pretend to be a group of thieves on the run. Once on Romin, they, along with Siri and Ferus, have to infiltrate the government and make plans to remove Jenna from the planet. Of course, things won’t be easy for the four of them.

The series improves here, as Anakin appears to take on more responsibility for his actions. There’s even a tenuous peace between him and Ferus, which makes his character more likable. Once it becomes clear that there’s a resistance on the planet to replace the tyrannical ruler, of course Anakin wants to get involved, while the other Jedi feel like they shouldn’t interfere. A large part of the theme here is the idea that what the Jedi do may be right or wrong, and they won’t know until they see how what they do affects those who remain. All they can do is their best at a given moment. The problem is that what Anakin sees as their best is usually at the cost of everything else.

The Changing of the Guard does a good job of capturing Anakin’s immaturity, while also capturing his strong sense of justice. It shows how his convictions are at odds with his other Jedi, but the series has been progressing to show how Anakin is learning to work with others instead of making all of the decisions himself. We already know where his character will go, though, so any headway made in this book will be temporary. How Watson winds this up in the next two books should reveal a lot about his character.

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