Jedi Quest: The Master of Disguise

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disguiseJedi Quest: The Master of Disguise by Jude Watson


The Master of Disguise returns us to the quest for Granta Omega, the mysterious character who is hunting Jedi. We finally learn why he’s trying to capture them, and it’s much darker than we would have thought. While the search for Granta makes up a large part of the plot, the real focus of the story is on Anakin’s development, and it’s there that the book shines.

In their search for Granta, Obi-Wan and Anakin split up, with Anakin staying behind at the temple while Obi-Wan follows up some leads. While at the temple, Anakin receives training from Soara, another Jedi Master, and it’s through this training that we start to see the Dark Side manifest in Anakin. This is important to me, since the movies never explained to me how Anakin could have that much darkness inside him, and Watson captures it pretty well. She shows his ego and his arrogance, his petty jealousies and his anger, and how he uses all that to channel the Force in the wrong way. This is evident in the movies, but we never see the origins of that part of his character, and this book reveals it. We still don’t see what led him to that arrogance, but we at least see how it shapes him.

A continuing theme in the Jedi Quest books is showing how Anakin may be more skilled than the other Padawans, he’s not more developed than them. Part of it is how he came late to Jedi training, and he winds up being more like a regular teenager than the other Padawans. The long-time Padawans have had more training and are more in control of their emotions, and they have more maturity than Anakin. This creates a rivalry between Anakin and Ferus, though it’s a rivalry that only Anakin seems to carry.

The Master of Disguise shows how well Watson can understand her characters. It’s still not a perfect story, but it reminds me of some of the better books she wrote in the Jedi Apprentice series. I’m hoping she will keep the focus on Anakin the way she does in this book, because that’s where my interest lies for Jedi Quest.

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