Jedi Quest: The Trail of the Jedi

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trailJedi Quest: The Trail of the Jedi by Jude Watson


In The Trail of the Jedi, Obi-Wan and Anakin go to Ragoon-6 for a tracking exercise. While searching for the other Jedi who’s trying to avoid them, they find something else — bounty hunters. Someone has sent them to the planet to capture the Jedi, so what starts out as a simple exercise becomes of one survival and evasion.

I prefer this story to the other two that have preceded it, namely because it hones in on the relationship between the two main characters. We get to see more of the internal struggle not just of Anakin, but also of Obi-Wan. It turns out Obi-Wan is trying to live up to being the kind of master Qui-Gon was, and it’s hindering him, since his personality is so different. In the Jedi Apprentice series, Watson made a point of showing how a master learns as much as his apprentice during their time together, and she continues that trend in Jedi Quest.

Watson starts to establish the over-arching story of the series here, too. I liked how she had a larger story behind the Jedi Apprentice series, and I expected to see her do that here, too, so I’m glad to see it developing. It will help keep my interest in the series, which so far doesn’t quite compare to what she did with Jedi Apprentice.

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