Jedi Quest: Path to Truth

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truthJedi Quest: Path to Truth by Jude Watson


Path to Truth starts a new series by Watson, this time focusing on Obi-Wan and Anakin, during the time between Episode I and Episode II. The story begins with Anakin retrieving a crystal for his lightsaber, and continues to both of them accompanying a ship in the hopes of preventing it from being raided. It turns out that Krayn, a slaver who has a history with Anakin, is the raider in question, and of course, the ship doesn’t make it to its destination without running into him.

Watson ties this series in with her Jedi Apprentice series, using characters and events from that series to tie them both together. She had done this to some degree with the last two books in the Jedi Apprentice series — the Special Edition books — but I like how she handled it here. Siri makes an appearance, and Obi-Wan recollects his experience as Qui-Gon’s apprentice with how he approaches his own. It helps tie the universe together, in a way that different writers approaching the same characters might not do.

I had a hard time with Anakin here, because I kept seeing and hearing him in Hayden Christensen mode, when he was closer in age to Jake Lloyd mode. Watson is starting to lay the foundation on how Anakin could go from sweet and empathetic to impatient and headstrong, but she still takes him too far to his later persona for me to accept it. That’s been a big sticking point for me regarding the entire Expanded Universe, since the diversity of Anakin’s character between Episode I and II is so great. Given the way Watson presents Anakin at thirteen, it sounds like the Jedi Academy and the constant talk of him being the Chosen One is what fed his ego to change him.

I don’t feel like Jedi Quest is as effective as Jedi Apprentice, but there are several more books to go. I find the relationship between Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan is more interesting than that of Obi-Wan and Anakin, but that could be because I’m already familiar with the latter relationship due to the movies. Jedi Apprentice feels fresh; Jedi Quest feels a bit forced.

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