Jedi Apprentice: The Threat Within

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threatJedi Apprentice: The Threat Within by Jude Watson


The Threat Within brings us to the end of the standard Jedi Apprentice series, and with it, we see Qui-Gon give Obi-Wan the freedom to lead a mission on his own. Qui-Gon offers help when asked, but otherwise lets Obi-Wan take the reins and decide how to proceed. On a planet where the sole purpose in life is to work and manufacture, and sabotage is routinely slowing down that process, the challenges are great.

Watson bring the series to a close with a moving story, not about the workers on the planet (though there is some emotion there), but about the relationship that Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan have developed. The only recurring characters in this series are the two of them, as it should be, since this is a story about passing responsibility on to the next generation. That Watson parallels this time with a mission that requires the same method as a solution is appropriate.

The series had a few missteps near the end, but overall I can see why it’s rated as highly as it is. Watson’s skill is in capturing the emotion of relationships, and since all stories stem from character, it’s no surprise that the stories turned out as well as they did. It’s reassuring to see that there are another twenty-plus novels of her left in the juvenile Expanded Universe.

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