Robert Asprin’s Myth-fits

January 23, 2017 at 11:38 am (Reads) (, , )

fitsRobert Asprin’s Myth-fits by Jody Lynn Nye


If Myth-quoted gave me hope for the new Myth Adventure books written solely by Nye, Myth-fits cemented that hope. Like its predecessor, the book has a better focus, shows more character progression, and feels more like the books published during the series’ heyday in the 1980s than the books that were co-written by the two authors. It definitely helps that the gang is all together again, and that they’re all written from Skeeve’s perspective.

With Myth-fits, the gang is hired to help find the Loving Cup, a magical cup that makes people agree and come to peace with each other. Aahz is hired by an ambassador who needs it for peace talks in his dimension, and their quest takes them to a resort dimension where, for only three gold pieces a day, they can have anything they want. Early on, they realize they can just ask customer assistance for the Loving Cup, but of course it can’t be that easy.

Though the book is an improvement, it’s still not perfect. There’s a lengthy dimensional aside near the beginning of the book that’s significant, but not revisited except in passing near the end of the book. It could be that this dimension will be significant in future books (hints dropped in Myth-quoted are realized in Myth-fits, so there’s a precedent), but it felt a little out of place. It fits the part of the story at first, but given how important it felt to the characters and story, I kept expecting it to play into the larger plot.

Overall, though, these last two books have convinced me to keep reading this series as new books are published. This didn’t feel like a final book, so I’m assuming there are more to come, but it may be a while before we see the next one. Myth-fits was published just this year, and four years passed between Myth-quoted and this book.

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