January 17, 2017 at 6:00 pm (Reads)

fortunesMyth-fortunes by Robert Asprin & Jody Lynn Nye


The gang is back together! That’s a sign of hope, isn’t it? I mean, the series has continued to spiral down in quality, and I’ve tried to chalk that up to the dispersal of the corporation and the books focusing on individual characters. Surely Myth-fortunes, the last book Asprin was involved in writing, could bring it back from that decline, right?

The answer is yes, though it’s still not up to the level of the earliest books. We’re back to a group effort with Skeeve front and center, with no extra chapters told from another character’s point of view. This time, the crew is given an assignment in an Egyptian dimension to determine the source of recurring accidents on the build site of a pyramid. Of course, the pyramid is being built by personal funds, with the folks reserving the higher bricks on the pyramid recruiting people to purchase the lower bricks. The more folks one can get in on the lower bricks, the less the higher bricks cost. Yes, this is a pyramid scheme pyramid.


So, the sense of humor is back, but in some places it’s strained. The dimension is called Ghord, which is so named to work its way up to a Gordian knot pun, but the walk to get there is so long as to hardly make it worthwhile. Everything about this novel is long, which is one of my complaints about the entire second half of the series. The first books were mostly less than 200 pages, just enough for the plot and some character development and little else. These all hover around 300 pages, and it seems like the stories ramble in more than one place along the way. Strangely, the end of the book rushes in like air filling a vacuum, though that’s also a throwback to the original, Asprin-only books.

It’s hard to believe there are two books left in this series. Already it feels like the series is straining to maintain its character, and I dread to see what the books will be like without any input from Asprin. We’ll see, though, since I’ll be reading those, too.

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