Paper Girls 2

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paperPaper Girls 2 by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang


The second volume of Paper Girls picks up right where the first ended, with Erin encountering her older self in the future. Things don’t stay simple (heh) for long, though, as another Erin from further in the future, but looking exactly like Erin from the 1980s, gets involved, and no one is sure exactly who to trust. With KJ missing, though, they have to do something, and since all three Erins are driving the paper girls forward, what else is there to do?

The story stagnates a little with this volume, but not because of lack of ambition. Vaughan is driving the story toward a future point he knows well, but he’s giving us information only a small piece at a time. We don’t get many questions from the first volume answered, and those we do get answered are replaced with more questions as the story grows more complex. I’m a little uncertain by this point, since I was expecting to get something that would ground the story by now, but the potential for where it’s going is still great. Vaughan just needs to start bringing it in for a landing sometime soon.

A lot of the criticisms I saw regarding the first volume — that it moves slowly, that it doesn’t give us much in the way of the main characters, that the plot is moving at a glacial pace — still apply, so folks who had those complaints for the first arc won’t feel different about the second one. I usually expect a series to lay down the exposition in the first arc, and then start examining the plot in the second, but here it feels like Vaughan still has some exposition to explore. I hope he gets there soon. I’m patient when it comes to graphic novels, but if he doesn’t start bringing it together soon, I’m going to lose interest.

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