Jedi Apprentice: The Fight for Truth

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truthJedi Apprentice: The Fight for Truth by Jude Watson


With Xanatos defeated, Qui-Gon can return to taking on standard missions, such as traveling to distant planets to evaluate children for their admission into the Jedi Temple. This is how he and Obi Wan, along with another Master/Padawan team, Adi and Siri, wind up on the planet Kegan, which is shrouded in mystery, hidden beneath false smiles and a seemingly content populace. When Siri and Obi Wan go missing, the stakes become higher for the two Masters.

The antagonists in this story are more subtly drawn than Xanatos was. Watson gives them more depth, in that they think that they’re doing the right thing, misguided as they are. Watson channels Dolores Umbridge in these characters, and makes the reader quickly root against them and for the two Padawans as she sets up a system that is clearly unfair to them. Add in some foreshadowing of the entireĀ Star Wars story, and we get a nice, tight, tension-filled story of adventure and character.

I read that Watson has written more books for the EU than any other author (thirty-seven!). I’m not sure if this series is where she started, but as these stories get better and better, I’m not surprised that LucasBooks kept asking her to write more.

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