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December 12, 2016 at 6:00 pm (Reads)

somethingSomething M.Y.T.H. Inc. by Robert Asprin


The One That Concludes the Previous Two Books (Not Counting Myth-ion Improbable)

A couple of years ago, I embarked on a reading project to finish all my unfinished series. I didn’t include the Myth Adventure books, because (a) I didn’t count the ones that were co-written, and (b) I thought I had read this book. The thing is, as I was working my way through the series, I realized that I had read Myth-ion Improbable the year it was released, and then never read anything else by Asprin. I’m not sure it was a choice based on how bad that book was (I really wanted to know what happened to Gleep), but here we are.

I didn’t like the previous M.Y.T.H. Inc. books, so wasn’t holding out a lot of hope for this one, but I was still disappointed. The book is narrated by Guido and Skeeve, with Guido taking the lion’s share of the narrative. There are also sections of the book that are written in the third-person omniscient point of view, which was about as jarring as one would expect for a series told almost entirely from Skeeve’s perspective. It also suffers because Asprin lifted entire sections of dialogue from previous books to fill out his page count. This book takes place simultaneously with M.Y.T.H. Inc in Action and Sweet Myth-tery of Life, so I understand some overlap, but I’d say at least ten pages were pure repetition. The only difference is that we see events from Guido’s perspective when before we only saw them from Skeeve’s.

The story enters new territory only in the last ten or fifteen pages of the book, when we finally learn what happened to Gleep. Like previous books, it’s anticlimactic, and hardly as moving as I thought it should have been. The ending did touch me in an unexpected way, so it helped lift the book above being a complete disappointment, but really, what carried me through this book was the nostalgia for the series and finally seeing how it ended.

Included in this book is a short story about Massha’s wedding to General Badaxe, written by Jody Lynn Nye, who co-wrote additional books with Asprin. I originally hadn’t planned on reading those, but the style felt close enough to Asprin’s to make me consider it, and when I figured that a new author adding her perspective to the characters might bring new life to the series (and hearing other fans say they weren’t that bad), I wound up getting the rest of them. I hope that doesn’t prove to be as much of a disappointment as this novel was.

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