Little Myth Marker

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masrkerLittle Myth Marker by Robert Asprin


The One About the Kid

To this day, I still use Dragon Poker as an analogy for any system that is prone to overcomplication and whimsy. Since I play a lot of board games, it comes up at least once a year when someone starts explaining the rules of a new game that’s not very streamlined. My memory of theĀ Myth Adventure books is that Dragon Poker featured heavily in almost all of them, but it turns out it didn’t make an appearance until here, book six of the series.

Little Myth Marker is also the rare book that doesn’t bring in a new member of Skeeve’s team. We get introduced to Markie, the kid whom Skeeve takes as a marker for his winnings in a game of Dragon Poker, but at the end of the story, she parts company with the group. Considering that even Vic, the vampire antagonist from the previous book, eventually becomes a part of the team, it’s an anomaly. There’s a good reason that’s addressed at the end of the book, but it comes down to honesty and character, which is a trait common among all the books in the series.

I think that’s part of what makes the books so approachable. Skeeve is a nice guy who always wants to do the right thing (even if sometimes it gets repeated so much that it’ll make you sick to hear it again), and everyone on his team has that same characteristic. The main characters are all good, respectable people, and it makes it easy to like and root for them.

This book marks the end of the first books under contract for the series, and it ends on a fairly complete note, though it remains open enough to continue the series. I used to have these books in the Science Fiction Book Club omnibus editions, and this one marked the end of volume two. After this point, I started reading the books as they were published.

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