Myth Directions

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directionsMyth Directions by Robert Asprin


Myth Directions is “The One About the Football Game”. And the trophy. I put this first because at some point in the future, I’m going to forget which plot goes with which book, and this will be an easy way to jog my memory.

This is also the one where we meet Maasha and Chumley, the heavyset magician and Tanda’s brother, respectively. As usual, the book starts out with an innocuous trip as Tanda takes Skeeve across several dimensions in search of a birthday present for Aahz. Of course, things go south quickly and the plot rears its head. In the end, Skeeve and the rest of the gang get roped into playing a sports game in order to rescue Tanda and get Aahz his trophy.

The series is lousy with recurring characters, as Quigley makes another appearance. Gus and Badaxe do, too, but Badaxe and Skeeve work for the same empire, and Aahz and Skeeve specifically seek out Gus for the game, but Quigley showing up was about as big a coincidence as, say, Luke and Leia running into each other in the middle of a galactic revolution. I’m fine with it here, though; the series is lighthearted enough that it’s not a bother to find the universe to be so small as to focus just on this handful of people.

Like the previous two books, the story ends suddenly, focusing on the characters above the plot. Skeeve even tells us that he isn’t going to bore us with the details of the game, though he will tell us how they got out of their predicament. Again, I’m fine with it since the characters are the real treat of these stories. I would prefer a more fleshed out story along with a great sense of humor and well-drawn characters (paging Terry Pratchett …), but these continue to be a lot of fun.

Three down and nine to go!

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