Myth Conceptions

November 23, 2016 at 6:00 pm (Reads) (, , , , )

conceptions.jpgMyth Conceptions by Robert Asprin


What’s funny about re-reading this series (other than the jokes and madcap adventures within) is that I remember the key plots for the books, I just don’t remember which one goes with which book. I realize I can refer to the books as if they were titles of episodes of Friends; in the case of Myth Conceptions, this is “The One About the Invading Army”.

The original cast of characters is here — Aahz, Skeeve, Gleep, and Tanda — but other characters make their appearances here, too. General Badaxe, Big Julie, and Gus are all introduced, which is also a funny thing about re-reading the series. Asprin wasn’t averse to using the same characters over and over, and it’s fun to see these characters who appear to play a role just in this book who will make appearances again and again throughout the series.

The plots appear to play second-fiddle to the characters. Asprin uses a lot of coincidence and the introduction of new characters to help resolve the plot, and the endings happen quickly. With Another Fine Myth, I got the feeling that Asprin realized that once the story shifted away from Aahz and Skeeve, it was irrelevant, and just wrote out the Isstvan problem as quickly as he could. That seems to be the case here in Myth Conceptions, too. There’s enough of a plot to keep the story going, but the focus is really on the characters. They’re so much fun, though, that I don’t see it as a problem. (Also, it could be the nostalgia talking.)

The trademarks of the series are all here — the banter, the jokes, the fish-out-of-water characterization of Skeeve, and the in-over-their-heads aspect of the plot — so it’s safe to say that anyone who enjoyed the first book will enjoy the second. I can see why I liked them so much as a kid, and I’m glad that they hold up about as well as I remember them.


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