Another Fine Myth

November 21, 2016 at 6:00 pm (Reads)

anotherAnother Fine Myth by Robert Asprin


I’m not going to lie; reading this book is pure nostalgia for me. I first read the Myth books when I was fourteen or so, and I loved the heck out of them. I read and re-read them, and last year I saw that there are still books being published in the series. Asprin is dead, but another author has picked up the mantle. Honestly, I’m not interested in any of those, or any of the ones he co-wrote, but the idea of re-reading the series again, as an adult, made me giddy.

The book holds up remarkably well. The plot is a bit thinner than I remember, but it’s mostly exposition, anyway. Skeeve is a bumbling apprentice magician who is befriended by Aahz the Pervect after Aahz is summoned to Skeeve’s dimension and stripped of his own powers. Gleep and Tanda are introduced along the way, and really, that’s all that’s necessary to get this story going. Asprin seemed to know at the time that he was writing a series, not just a single book, and spent the time laying the foundation of what was to come.

The jokes aren’t quite as funny as they were the first time, but how often are they? There was still a madcap feel to the story, and the banter between Aahz and Skeeve worked, and honestly, that was why I was reading the books. They’re like old friends, and a large part of that is because the characters in the book are friends to each other. I was also pleased to see that Tanda is more than just a buxom maid trope; she’s capable and independent and headstrong. I remember her that way, but I’m always a little concerned that stories of this age (almost 40 years!) carry some of the baggage of their eras. Another Fine Myth seems to avoid them.

There are twelve books in the Myth Adventures series, and as much fun as I had with the first one, I expect to have fun with the rest of them, too. If nothing else, they’re quick, short reads, and it shouldn’t take long to plow through them. Right now, I think I need “fun” more than “thoughtful” anyway.


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  1. Bookstooge said,

    I’ve been making my way through the series and just hit the co-authored ones. I’ve made it through 2 but suspect the 3rd will by my final. Nye just doesn’t have the same humor and by that time Aspen seemed pretty out of humorous ideas.

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