Harrow County: Twice Told

May 3, 2016 at 6:00 pm (Reads) (, , , )

twiceHarrow County: Twice Told by Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook


Twice Told expands the universe where Emmy lives, showing us more of how she lives in her town, how she copes with her newfound powers, the history of Hester Beck, and exactly how many “countless haints” there are in the surrounding woods. Part of that expansion is Emmy’s twin sister, Kammi, who knows more about their powers and how to utilize them. Kammi returns to Harrow County and upsets the delicate balance between Emmy and the haints, which serves as the main focus of this collection.

The title continues to be a great example of good horror, as it focuses more on the atmosphere and oddities than it does on the graphic and gruesome. There’s still enough of a helping of the latter to keep it disturbing, but the real accomplishment of the title is in how it lingers. The blurb on the front cover reads, “Not just scary but haunting”, and that about sums it up.

Twice Told was somewhat disappointing, only because it didn’t cover quite as much as Countless Haints did. In that review, I noted that Bunn managed to cover a ton of detail and history without rushing through the material; in Twice Told, it felt like he went too quickly, even though less happened. The first chapter, though, was a great look at how Emmy interacted with the haints in the town. By now, she’s become the resident expert on the haints and how to deal with them, but she’s not at all interested in ridding the town of them. Instead, she tries to encourage the townspeople to learn to live with them. I expect this will serve as a point of conflict for future arcs, but I love the way Emmy strives for balance, and what that says about her character.

Disappointment aside, I still enjoyed the volume, and am eager to see where Bunn takes the story. It feels like a perfect blend of story, character, and horror, and there’s a lot of potential with the world he has created. It’s hard to imagine that future collections will let me down.


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