The Walking Dead: No Turning Back

April 11, 2016 at 6:00 pm (Reads) (, , )

backThe Walking Dead: No Turning Back by Robert Kirkman, et al.


I’m consistently surprised that Kirkman manages to keep this series fresh. Despite being disappointed with the show as of late, I’ve found the way Kirkman shuffles this story from point to point without rehashing the same ideas to be impressive. Sure, the threats always seem to come from the same source — more from people than from the walkers — but the motivations of the antagonists shift from arc to arc, as Kirkman keeps the characters interesting.

Kirkman also manages to go back to the real question of survival in this post-apocalyptic world — that of moral ambiguity when it comes to dealing with issues of society and survival — without bashing us over the head (ha!) with the same theme time and again. The fact that Rick sits down with Negan to talk about his situation and ask advice is proof that Kirkman hasn’t run out of ideas yet. The two characters’ motivations and development are still very different, but the fact that their thoughts can coincide when necessary is quite an achievement, story-wise.

No Turning Back is another transitional volume in this series, but that’s not to say that nothing happens. Story moves forward at the right pace, and enough things happen to keep it from being a volume of nothing but dialogue, but for all that Rick accomplishes in this volume, there’s a lot left to be done. The question of how Rick will address what’s left to be done is just enough question to keep us engaged until the next volume sees publication.

I’ve chosen not to read this series by comics, so I’m always a few month behind when it comes to what’s happening in the story, but I can see that it’s still heading in the right direction. Contrasted with the show, which is overlong and frequently boring (at the rate it’s going, compared with the comic, it won’t reach the current point in the comic until 2025), the comic still has a lot of story to tell. Judging by the ideas Kirkman keeps bringing to the series, it’s going to be a good one.


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