February 20, 2016 at 6:00 pm (Quotes) (, )

“Valerian would emphasize how we are trapped by our time and our culture and our biology, how limited we are, by definition, in imagining fundamentally different creatures or civilizations. And separately evolved on very different worlds, they would have to be different from us. It was possible that beings much more advanced than we might have unimaginable technologies — this was, in fact, almost guaranteed — and even new laws of physics. It was hopelessly narrow-minded … to imagine that all significant laws of physics had been discovered at the moment our generation began contemplating the problem. There would be a twenty-first-century physics and a twenty-second-century physics, and even a Fourth-Millennium physics. We might be laughably far off in guessing how a very technical civilization would communicate.”

–Carl Sagan, Contact


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