The Old Republic: Revan

January 26, 2016 at 6:00 pm (Reads) (, , )

revanThe Old Republic: Revan by Drew Karpyshyn


It’s interesting that the first three books I’ve read in the EU (outside of the Thrawn trilogy, at least) are all novels that are part of other media. Into the Void and Lost Tribe of the Sith were outlying material that pointed back toward comics that went into more detail about the events of both books, and now Revan follows the story set up in the video game Knights of the Old Republic. So if I want to get the full story for just the first three books in the EU, I would need to extend my circle into a ton of other material. Each of the books gave a synopsis of what happened previous to or in tandem with their stories, but it was still a lot of stuff, and it all happened off-screen. It makes the books less interesting, and a lot harder to follow.

Of the three books, though, this one was the most readable, and the characters felt the most realized here. Revan, the title character, is a Jedi Knight who turned Sith Lord, but was then returned to being a Jedi Knight by having his memories of his time as a Sith erased. Still a powerful Jedi, and a hero for what he did accomplish as a Jedi, he is strong in the Force, and in search of his memories. His search takes him to a dead planet — dead in the Force as well as in life — and that journey takes him on a quest where he will eventually blend his powers as a Jedi with his powers as a Sith to conquer a dangerous and immortal foe.

Revan’s complexity makes him an interesting character, and reminds me that what makes the Star Wars universe intriguing is the balance of light and dark that enables people to make the right decisions. All light or all dark leaves people out of balance, and Revan is the living example of how being in touch with both sides is necessary to maintain the right balance in life. It’s his character that makes the story readable and engaging, along with that of Lord Scourge, a Sith Lord who has complexity beyond just being a murderous antagonist.

This novel feels like a Star Wars novel, which is more than I can say for either Into the Void or Lost Tribe of the Sith. It might be due to this novel having more intrigue than the other two, but it also helped that it had some solid action scenes, as well. Between all that and the characterization, I can say that I actually enjoyed the story here as much as I did the deeper glimpse into the Star Wars universe.

Revan is the first in a series called The Old Republic, though it was the third book written for that series. I’m not sure why they were published out of order, but I’m glad I started here. Given the clunky introduction to the EU through the first two books, it was nice to read something that kept me engaged throughout the story.

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