December 27, 2015 at 6:00 pm (Quotes) ()

“Where humanity gets it wrong is in imagining Atlantis as having any kind of quantifiable existence. Which of course it hasn’t; not in the way they imagine, anyway. There have been an awful lot of Atlantises, will be quite a few more. It’s just a symbol. A symbol of the art. The true Atlantis is inside you, just as it’s inside all of us. The sunken land is lost beneath the dark sea, lost beneath the waves of wet, black stories and myths that break upon the shores of our minds. Atlantis is the shadowland, the birth-place of civilization. The fairland in the west that is lost to us, but remains forever, true birth place and true goal.”

–The Mage-Lord of Atlantis
(Neil Gaiman, The Books of Magic)

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