Star Wars: Shattered Empire

December 25, 2015 at 6:00 pm (Reads) (, , , , )

Star Wars Shattered EmpireStar Wars: Shattered Empire by Greg Rucka, et al.


So, yes, my reading is now all things Star Wars, but who can blame me? The new movie got me thinking about it, and wanting to know more about the expanded universe. Given that the current movie exists in a different expanded universe than the older one, it means I have less to wade through. Shattered Empire was another story that came recommended to fill in the details between the end of Episode VI and the beginning of Episode VII.

The story begins with the very end of the Battle of Endor, only from a different point-of-view than that of the the movie. It follows Shara Bey, one of the pilots in the Rebel Alliance, her husband, Kes Dameron, two pilots who are the parents of Poe. The end of the battle may have been a decisive victory for the Alliance, but it didn’t bring an end to Imperial tyranny. This short series gives us some insight into how the New Republic struggled to bring down the splinter groups of the Imperials in the time following that victory.

The mini-series was only four issues long, so there’s not much time to go into a lot of detail about that time. I expect that the remaining movies in the sequel trilogy have more details to give us, and that the stories released in the lead-up to the release of The Force Awakens exist more to give us some background into characters without giving too much away. They don’t seem to have much to do with Rey, Kylo, or Finn, which I’m sure is by design, and perfectly fine by me. I’m more interested in seeing how the war continued from that point anyway.

That being said, the series doesn’t go into a lot of detail other than to remind us that the fighting did continue. What details were revealed weren’t revelatory, though they do create a bigger picture. The movies (and Lost Stars) did a good job of showing the details of war and loss without glorifying it, and this series does the same, just on a smaller scale. It also felt a little less meaningful, though I did find the ending to be a neat surprise.

As it is, the current wave of expanded universe stories haven’t impressed me as much as I’d hoped, apart from Lost Stars. Maybe my expectations were just too high. This collection is cheap, and may be of interest to completionists, but I don’t see it as being an essential part of the universe.

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