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GanymedeGanymede by Cherie Priest


With Ganymede, Cherie Priest continues to tell the stories of her 19th Century alternate United States, complete with extended Civil War, airships, and the undead. This time, she takes us to New Orleans, where we meet Josephine, the ex-lover of Andan Cly, who has asked him to come to her city to help her transport a ship. Also in New Orleans is an outbreak of the animated dead, with which Cly is familiar, though why they’re suddenly showing up there is a bit of a puzzle. I could tell you a bit more about the story and what it’s about, but I feel like it would spoil a bit of the surprise, even though the summary on the back of the book will tell you about events that don’t happen until about the halfway point of the story.

Ganymede is just as exciting and readable as the previous books in the series, and is another standout, thanks to the improved characterization. After the improvements seen in Clementine and Dreadnought, I wasn’t surprised, but I was glad to see that Priest could keep things on the same level as what she had done with those two books. Not all of her characters resonated here, but enough of them did to make the story as entertaining as I would have expected.

There was one weird moment in the story where Priest seemed to be suggesting that one character wasn’t as trustworthy as he seemed, but then didn’t take it anywhere. The character wasn’t as realized as the others, which was enough to make me think that there was going to be something to it. It was like a red herring that was forced too much, and in the end, it felt a little cheap.

Overall, though, I enjoyed this book. A lot. I’m impressed with Priest’s chops here, and once I finish this series, I won’t be hesitant to add her Borden Dispatches series to my list. She’s definitely an author to add to my insta-buy list.


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